Sweating is normal and controls body temperature in warmer surroundings and during exercise. Excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis can severely impact the daily life of people who suffer from it.

Excessive sweating is not a temporary condition. Although expected to be around the underarm/ armpit, it can occur in many different areas of the body causing irritation and or painful skin conditions.

Botox injections will stop the unwanted sweating for 5-8 months when the treatment can be repeated again.

Botox and other types of Botulinum toxin when injected, block the chemical messenger sent to sympathetic nerves and so it does not reach the sweat glands. Without the chemical message, the glands cannot turn on the sweating. Botox permanently blocks the nerve endings and so sweat cannot be produced. Your body starts to produce new nerve endings within 6-12 weeks,

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