Dr Vida Kolahi is the leading clinician at Cathedral Facial Aesthetics and Principal Dentist at Cathedral Dental Clinic. She has many years experience in Facial Aesthetics, Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontics with a strong interest in specialised treatment and procedures for overall improvement and enhancement of the facial features.

Our goal is to make you feel relaxed and welcome in the calm and professional environment of our clinic. Your care is extremely important to us and it is paramount that your treatment experience is the best you will ever receive.

We place a high emphasis on building close relationships with you to fully understand your goal. We will keep you at ease by introducing you to our team, discussing your needs and guiding you through your treatment, all at your own pace.

We promote a comfortable and relaxing clinical environment as well as boasting the latest equipment and treatments. This enables us to provide up to the minute, highest quality care for you to achieve your desired result.